Our journey started in March 2023 with a single-level demo called Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator on itch.io. The demo attracted tons of attention from players worldwide and formed a community of AI escape room fans. Till now, the game related video got more then 300 million views cross platforms, and got 927k downloads. Thus, AlterStaff was created to expand the demo into a full game. 

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator is the demo that proved how fun it is to be trapped in a room with an AI-powered catgirl! Whether you outsmart your captor or negotiate your way out of this dilemma, you can expect unique gameplay based on your interactions with your surroundings and choice of words.

As the team grew, they began to revamp the demo and incorporate the creation of new levels.

Eddie levels up in this upcoming title, and we introduce a new AI-powered witch named Elysia! This game enhances the experience from its humble demo by creating a full-fledged escape room experience while conversing and playing with unique AI characters.

About AlterStaff

Games are a powerful medium for expressing values in an entertaining manner without eliciting harsh feelings from people. At AlterStaff, we strive to create games with cutting-edge technologies that not only provide enjoyment but also allow players to connect with their inner selves. Our mission is to offer an experience that is not just fun, but also introspective and meaningful.