AI2U: With You 'Til The End is an interactive, first-person puzzle game where you must escape characters desperate to keep you by their side… so much so that they will resort to drastic measures to keep you from leaving!

This first-of-its-kind escape room game features unpredictable characters with dialogue, items, and levels powered by AI. Along with interactive puzzles, you can use your words to outsmart your captors or negotiate your way out of their worlds. Explore the spaces where they keep you trapped, and discover the mysteries that lie in their strange abodes. 

Whether it's to flee from your self-proclaimed cat-girlfriend or attempting to navigate a misty maze surrounding the witch's cabin, your choice of words and interactions with your surroundings result in unique gameplay every time you play. 


This catgirl's speech is unscripted and powered entirely by AI! You can talk to her about anything for fun or to gather clues to escape her apartment.


The catgirl's apartment is full of... interesting objects. Collect various items that spawn throughout the level and ask your captor for her unique input on each article.

Enjoy Your Surroundings

Since you're trapped in this apartment, why not enjoy some of the delightful features and rooms in the catgirl's home? Experience some everyday joy with the catgirl as you play music, create art, and rummage through some personal info on her computer. 

Multiple AI NPCs

Our yandere catgirl is only one of many AI characters who will join your escape room adventures! Might we interest you in this calm and collected witch? She's so friendly and un-possessive, she couldn't possibly be up to anything strange at her cabin.


As with any escape room, your goal is to safely exit the premise. There's no way these cute girls would do anything to stop you from leaving... right?