Privacy Policy

AlterStaff Inc. ("AlterStaff," "us," "our," or "we") deeply values and acknowledges the importance of privacy for individuals ("you" or "user") who visit our websites, engage in our games on devices such as mobiles, PCs, our websites, or other authorized platforms ("AlterStaff Games"), and/or utilize any of our offerings, including software systems, customer support, marketing, advertising, and community services (collectively, "AlterStaff Services").

Where law permits, we restrict account creation for the AlterStaff Services to users above the age of 13, or the age limit set by local regulations. If you're over 13 yet still considered a minor in your country (for instance, under 18 in some jurisdictions), you and your parent or guardian should review this Privacy Policy together, and you must obtain their consent to create your account.

Parents or guardians of minors should ensure they understand this Privacy Policy before allowing their children to set up their accounts or use the Services. By doing so, you agree to comply with this Privacy Policy and to oversee your children's activities within the AlterStaff Services, ensuring they access only age-appropriate content.

This Privacy Policy outlines the methods and reasons behind our data collection, storage, and usage, as well as the choices and rights you possess regarding the personal data you supply or that we collect through the AlterStaff Services. Should you have any inquiries about this Privacy Policy, please contact us using the details provided in the “Contact and Complaint” section of this document.

In events like mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, bankruptcies, or similar occurrences, your personal data might be transferred to a succeeding entity. We will aim to announce such events beforehand, reveal the specifics and information regarding the successor, and ask them to handle your personal data in line with this Privacy Policy. Should the successor need to process your personal data beyond the scope permitted by this Privacy Policy, they will be responsible for notifying you about their processing intentions and, if required by law, re-obtaining consent from you or your parent/guardian.

AlterStaff may from time to time update, amend, or revise the terms of this Privacy Policy in response to changes in our services or legal and regulatory updates. You recognize and agree to regularly review the most current version of this Privacy Policy. If you have queries regarding any updates to this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us through the “Contact and Complaint” section. By continuing to use the AlterStaff Services, you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of how we process your personal data as per the most recent Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy provides information on:

1. Types of Data We Collect and Process

1.1. Data Collection Sources

We gather data either directly from you or through third parties in various ways:

(1) Account Registration: When you create an account, we collect details such as your username, email address, password, verification code, Playfab ID and OpenID. This helps in account creation, management, and game login services, among other uses outlined in Section 2.

(2) Social Media Integration: If you opt to log in through social media, we acquire your social media details from third-party providers, integrating this information with your account.

(3) Personal Profile Data: You have the option to personalize your profile within our services, including setting a nickname, signature, uploading an avatar, etc., depending on the service setup.

(4) Gameplay Information: We process data about your gameplay, including status, progress, and usage statistics, for feedback and other purposes specified in Section 2.

(5) Chat Records: We collect and secure chat data using high-security data storage when you use our in-game chat feature.

(6) Content Monitoring: To maintain a respectful online environment, we monitor nicknames, signatures, and chat messages for offensive content, adhering to our Terms of Service.

(7) User Service Correspondence: Information provided during interactions with our customer service or technical support teams, or when exercising your legal rights, is collected.

(8) Survey Participation: We collect responses from surveys you participate in.

(9) Event Participation Data: For activities like sweepstakes, we gather participant details including name, UID, email, phone number, and regional information. Winners may need to provide a mailing address for prize delivery.

(10) Device and IP Address: We collect your Internet Protocol (IP) address and device-specific information.

(11) Advertising Data: We store your Advertising ID and certain device details, using de-identified email addresses (including those from third-party logins) for advertising and marketing analysis.

(12) Payment Information: For purchases, we require data like your name, bank or card details, billing address, and CVV.

(13) PayPal Information: We store PayPal details for easier future transactions.

(14) Additional Data: For certain services, we may collect more data, governed by specific privacy notices relevant to those services.

1.2. Merging and Updating Data

To enhance your gaming experience, we may consolidate the collected data with third-party data, updating your profile for market analysis and other purposes, with your consent or legal justification.

1.3. Third-Party Service Interactions

Our Privacy Policy does not cover data collected through third-party services like social media widgets or login mechanisms, which are subject to their respective privacy policies.

1.4 Data We Automatically Collect

At AlterStaff Inc., for ensuring a secure, stable, and equitable gaming experience, as well as enhancing the functionality of our services, we automatically gather data through mechanisms such as cookies, browser web storage, and application data caches, in alignment with the objectives set in Section 2 of our Privacy Policy. The types of data we collect automatically encompass:

(1) Device-Related Data: Including details like device ID, name, type/model, MAC address, IMEI, CPU specifications, graphics card model, operating system version and language, time zone, screen DPI, resolution, and memory.

(2) Diagnostic Data: This involves information pertinent to bugs, errors, crashes, and diagnosis, such as registration/login times, game version, user ID, stacktrace, crash reports, and data on abnormal processes.

(3) Security-Related Data: Including names of installed APKs, startup times, request and referral URLs, system activity details, information on game-related plugins and runtime data, and data about external plugin programs.

(4) User Interaction Data: Data about your engagement with our services, like the pages and content you view, content you post, and timestamps of your activity.

In certain instances, we may collect additional personal data beyond the categories mentioned here, based on your explicit consent or other legal grounds. When such situations arise, we commit to providing detailed information about any alterations in the method or purpose of our data collection and processing that deviate from or are not explicitly mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

2. Our Reasons for Collecting and Processing Your Personal Data

2.1 At AlterStaff Inc., the data we collect is primarily used to enhance the capabilities of our NPC response systems, ensuring they effectively adhere to and enforce our community guidelines. These guidelines are stringently designed to create a safe and respectful environment by prohibiting the following types of content or behavior:

The data helps us refine our filters and algorithms to identify and mitigate violations of these rules, ensuring a safe and respectful community environment. These efforts align with our commitment to uphold the integrity of our platform and the welfare of our users.

2.2 AlterStaff Inc. collects and processes your personal data to offer and enhance the services we provide. The purposes include, but are not limited to:

Our affiliates, defined as entities that control, are controlled by, or are under common control with AlterStaff Inc., may process your information for these purposes, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

3. Information about Advertisements and Your Options

3.1 In providing personalized advertisements, AlterStaff Inc. recognizes and respects your choices. We process data to:

AlterStaff Inc. or our authorized contractors may send advertisements, marketing, or promotional communications. Should you prefer not to receive such communications, you have the option to request the removal of your data from our contact lists.

Regarding these communications, you are empowered to opt-out following the provided instructions, such as through email, online channels, or other methods we offer. For instance, in iOS/Android devices, you can disable out-of-game push notifications on mobile applications by adjusting your device's notification settings.

4. Our Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

At AlterStaff Inc., we use cookies and similar technologies to enhance the effectiveness and functionality of our services. Cookies are small text files that aid in tracking site usage and adding functionality. We, along with authorized third-party trackers, may use these tools to:

(1) IP Address Logging: Track user paths on our sites and identify returning users by logging IP addresses.

(2) Referral Source Collection: Identify the websites or sources that referred you to our services.

(3) Technical Data Collection: Gather technical information about your device and software, including operating system details and other relevant technical data.

If you prefer not to accept cookies or wish to receive notifications when they are placed, you can configure your web browser to do so, provided your browser supports this function.

We utilize cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies for several purposes, including:

AlterStaff Inc. and our authorized contractors use these technologies for personalizing your experience, preventing fraud, and fulfilling the purposes mentioned above. Please note, disabling cookies in your browser settings may result in some parts of our services not functioning correctly.

5. Who May Access Your Personal Data

AlterStaff Inc. acknowledges the significance of trust and confidence in our services. We are devoted to maintaining the utmost standards of data privacy and security. Our policies are meticulously crafted to safeguard your personal information, ensuring you can enjoy our engaging and immersive gameplay experiences with assurance and peace of mind. 

Your in-game data in AlterStaff Inc.'s services are maintained in a secure and private manner, ensuring it remains inaccessible to other players or any third parties. We have no intention to sell your data to third parties for profit either. This data is exclusive to you and is securely stored, reflecting our commitment to your privacy and data security. There are specific scenarios where access to this data by third parties might be necessary. Your provision of personal data implies anticipation of such disclosures:

Your information may also be shared with your consent in situations not explicitly mentioned here.

6. Our Data Retention Policies

AlterStaff Inc. maintains a policy of retaining your data only for as long as necessary. This includes the duration for which your account is active, the period needed to provide you with our gaming services, or as mandated by law. Our servers, which host your data, are located in:

You acknowledge that your data may be processed on servers located outside your country or region and can be accessed globally by our support, engineering, and affiliate teams. Regardless of server location, we strive to implement appropriate safeguards to protect your rights in line with this Privacy Policy and relevant laws.

Should you request the removal or deletion of your personal data, we will retain it as long as necessary for legal purposes, such as complying with our obligations, resolving disputes, or enforcing agreements. Note that deleting your data may lead to the termination of certain services.

We will store your information as required by law, only for the duration necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected. Once this period expires, your data will be deleted, blocked, or anonymized according to applicable laws and regulations.

7. Your Rights and Choices Regarding Data

In accordance with applicable laws, you possess certain data protection rights. These include:

Please contact us using the details in the “Contact and Complaint” section to exercise these rights. Note that we may need additional information to verify your identity before processing requests. In some cases, we might refuse compliance as permitted by law or charge a reasonable fee for repetitive or excessive requests.

Remember, withdrawing consent or not providing necessary personal data may impact our ability to deliver certain services.

8. How We Secure Your Data

At AlterStaff Inc., we are committed to safeguarding your personal data. To achieve this, we implement various measures:

Despite these efforts, it's important to recognize that data transmission over the internet cannot be guaranteed as entirely secure. We do our best to protect your personal data, but we also encourage you to take proactive steps for your security, such as regularly updating passwords, using complex password combinations, and utilizing secure web browsers.

Please be aware that third-party advertisers or websites linked to/from our services may collect your personal data independently. Our Privacy Policy does not cover these third parties, and we advise you to review their privacy policies.

9. Age Restrictions and Protection of Minors

In compliance with applicable laws:

We emphasize the importance of protecting children's personal data. Parents and guardians should instruct their children not to share personal information without their consent. If we discover that we have inadvertently collected data from a child under 13, we will take steps to remove that data promptly. If you believe we have inadvertently collected data from a child, please contact us through the details provided in the "Contact and Complaint" section.

10. How to Contact Us and Lodge Complaints

Should you have any inquiries, concerns, questions about AlterStaff Inc., this Privacy Policy, how we process your personal data, wish to lodge a complaint, or exercise your data subject rights, please contact us promptly:

Your feedback and questions are invaluable to us, and we are committed to addressing them diligently.

11. Additional Terms Specific to Certain Jurisdictions

(1) Additional Information for California Residents

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), we provide the following additional notice to our users residing in California. "Personal Information," as defined by the CCPA, includes data that can identify, relate to, describe, be associated with, or be linked directly or indirectly to a specific consumer or household. This excludes information:

We collect and disclose, for business purposes, various categories of personal information, including:

Our collection and processing of personal data serve multiple purposes, as detailed earlier in this Privacy Policy, ranging from providing and managing our services to ensuring security and responding to legal obligations.

California residents may exercise specific rights as per the CCPA, such as accessing and requesting the deletion of their personal data or opting out of certain uses of their data. For further details or to exercise these rights, please refer to the contact information provided above.

Collection of Personal Information

Over the past twelve months, AlterStaff Inc. has collected personal information from a variety of sources:

Rights for California Residents (CCPA):

As per the California Consumer Privacy Act:

For requests via an authorized agent, we need your written authorization and may request direct verification of your identity.

Additional Information for EEA and UK Residents:

Data Subject Rights:

In addition to the rights outlined earlier, you have the right to:

Legal Basis for Processing:

AlterStaff Inc. collects and uses personal information based on several legal grounds, as outlined in sections 1 and 2 of our Privacy Policy:

For any questions, more information on these legal bases, or to withdraw your consent, please refer to section 10, “Contact and Complaint,” in our Privacy Policy.

Cross-border Data Transfer:

As an international entity, we might transfer your personal data across borders, including to affiliates, third-party service providers, and partners globally. These transfers may involve countries with different data protection laws than your home country, such as Singapore.

For transfers to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and the UK that are recognized for adequate data protection by the European Commission, we rely on these "adequacy decisions."

In cases where transfers aren't covered by adequacy decisions, we employ robust safeguards to ensure your personal information remains protected as per this Privacy Policy. These include using the European Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses, updated on 4 June 2021, with the relevant UK Addendum, or the UK International Data Transfer Agreement as allowed by Article 46 of the UK GDPR. Such measures are our commitment to safeguarding personal information in inter-company transfers, ensuring all involved entities comply with European Union data protection laws. The information we transfer typically includes essential data like names and contact details.

Children's Notice:

AlterStaff Inc.'s services are not designed for children. For our purposes, "children" are identified as:

We adhere to regional legal guidelines to determine the age threshold for accessing specific features of our services.

As a policy, children are not allowed to use our services. We do not intentionally collect personal information from children. While our services are not targeted at children, we may collect age data to verify eligibility for certain services. If we inadvertently obtain personal information from a child not covered by legal exemptions, we are committed to deleting this information swiftly from our records.

Data Protection Supervisory Authority:

In the event of any concerns or grievances regarding how we handle your data, you are entitled to reach out to your local data protection supervisory authority. This step provides an additional layer of oversight, ensuring that your data protection rights are respected and upheld in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.


Last Updated: March 18 , 2024