We are AlterStaff Inc.("Company," "we," "us," "our"), doing business as Starppegio, a company registered in Delaware, United States at 651 N. Broad St., Suite 308, Middletown, New Castle, DE 19709.

We operate the application AI2U - With You ’Til The End (the "App"), as well as any other related products and services that refer or link to these legal terms (the "Legal Terms") (collectively, the "Services").

AI2U, an escape room game with AI-powered NPCs. The player needs to use all the wit and charm to convince the Yandere girls to escape their grasp – or, to stay with them forever. In this game, players can explore the environment, solve the puzzles, and uncover the mysteries in different levels with a variety of themes. The levels feature a range of identities and personalities, including a catgirl and a witch; many more unique characters are in development for different levels for players to embark on a journey together.


This Terms of Service ("Agreement") forms a legally enforceable contract between AlterStaff Inc. ("AlterStaff," "we," "our," or "us") and you, the user ("you" or "User"). This Agreement comprehensively governs your access and use of AlterStaff Games, our online platforms, specific game-related sites, software systems, customer support, social media, community channels, and any other digital services provided by AlterStaff or our authorized partners (collectively referred to as "AlterStaff Services"), applicable to both guests and Registered Users.

Key aspects of this Agreement include:



"AlterStaff Games" encompass all current and future games we launch, including those in testing phases.

The games include but are not limited to the full game software and all its components, elements, or features, any patches, updates, and upgrades, all related content, documentation, add-ons, supplements, and any game-related services provided under this Agreement, including copies of all the aforementioned.

Be aware that AlterStaff Games software may include Cheat Detection functionalities designed to identify and prevent cheating. "Cheating" refers to the use of unauthorized software or hardware that provides an unfair competitive edge in AlterStaff Games.

If you choose not to install Cheat Detection software, or if at any point you disable or remove it, your license granted under this Agreement will automatically terminate, and you must cease accessing AlterStaff Services immediately.

The Cheat Detection feature in AlterStaff Games may collect and transmit data regarding your account, gameplay, and potentially unauthorized programs, in compliance with our Privacy Policy. If cheating is detected, we reserve the right to enforce appropriate measures. By installing, copying, or using AlterStaff Games, you consent to these terms.

Registering for an account, downloading our game software, playing AlterStaff Games (including updates, patches, and upgrades), browsing our websites, or accessing any AlterStaff Services implies that you have read, understood, and accepted all terms of this Agreement.

AlterStaff Inc. reserves the right to amend, modify, or revise this Agreement. We encourage you to review the terms periodically. Continued use of AlterStaff Services implies acceptance of any revised terms.


1. Game Account

a. You may need to register for a Game Account ("Account") to use ALTERSTAFF Services.

To create an Account, you must register as a User and agree to the Game Account Terms of Service. Without acceptance of these terms, you cannot create an Account.

b. An Account can only be established if you are a natural person, legally an adult in your country of residence, and not prohibited by ALTERSTAFF from using its Services.

Upon successful Account creation, you, as a "User" or "Registered User," are required to select a username ("Nickname") for use during gameplay. You agree to avoid Nicknames that are obscene or offensive. ALTERSTAFF may, but is not obliged to, filter out unacceptable words and phrases. Despite our efforts, we cannot guarantee a comprehensive filter for all unacceptable content. ALTERSTAFF reserves the right to terminate your usership or Account and require a new, acceptable Nickname if your current one is deemed offensive or breaches any terms of this Agreement.

c. By creating a Game Account, you agree to:

(i) Provide true, current, and complete information as requested or allowed during the registration process ("Personal Data").

(ii) Consistently update your Personal Data to ensure it remains accurate and complete.

d. To create an Account, you must be of legal age to consent to data collection under your jurisdiction's law and be an adult in your country of residence, or at an age classified as above the legal age of majority, when using ALTERSTAFF Services.

e. You agree to provide accurate and complete registration details and not to create a Nickname that reflects your real name or other Personal Data.

f. You are responsible for securing and maintaining the confidentiality of your Account, including email addresses, passwords, and other relevant information. You acknowledge responsibility for all actions performed through your Account, authorized or not.

g. Each Account is distinct and important to its User. You must not transfer or share your Account information with third parties or use other Users' Accounts. Selling your Account or associated information is prohibited, and doing so may result in immediate Account termination without a refund.

h. ALTERSTAFF may terminate your usership or Account at any time without further notice if we believe you have breached this Agreement. Once terminated, re-registration as a User is subject to our express permission. Should you wish to terminate your Account, contact our support service, and we will process your request as soon as feasible.

i. You are responsible for safeguarding your Account information. In the event of unauthorized Account use or security breaches, you are not entitled to compensation from ALTERSTAFF. It is your duty to promptly notify ALTERSTAFF of any theft, unauthorized use, or other security breaches concerning your Account.

2. License Grant & License Conditions

License Grant

ALTERSTAFF grants you a personal, limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicensable right to install and use ALTERSTAFF Game(s) software on devices you legally own or control, exclusively for personal entertainment and non-commercial purposes (the "License"). The rights granted to you by ALTERSTAFF under this License are contingent upon your compliance with this Agreement. The License is effective from the date you accept this Agreement.

By accepting this Agreement, you acknowledge that the ALTERSTAFF Game(s) software is licensed, not sold, to you. This License does not confer any title or ownership in the ALTERSTAFF Game(s) software.

License Conditions

a. You acknowledge and agree that your use of ALTERSTAFF Services is also governed by our Privacy Policy, which ALTERSTAFF may amend at its sole discretion. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of this Agreement.

b. You agree not to engage in the following with respect to ALTERSTAFF Services:

   i. Publish or disseminate offensive or objectionable content.

   ii. Engage in defamatory, abusive, or harmful behavior.

   iii. Infringe upon the rights and interests of ALTERSTAFF or third parties.

   iv. Use or distribute software or methods that provide unfair advantages.

   v. Publicize game errors or bugs for any purpose.

   vi. Commercialize any part of ALTERSTAFF Services or its content.

   vii. Create derivative works from ALTERSTAFF Services without authorization.

   viii. Engage in unauthorized actions that disrupt ALTERSTAFF Services.

   ix. Violate any applicable laws or regulations.

   x. Assist third parties in any prohibited activities.

c. You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations and cease using ALTERSTAFF Services if required by such laws.

d. You may not copy ALTERSTAFF Services or accompanying materials. You agree to maintain confidentiality of all non-public information and to use ALTERSTAFF Services solely for personal, non-commercial purposes.

e. Unauthorized use of ALTERSTAFF Services is strictly prohibited and may result in termination of the License. ALTERSTAFF reserves the right to deny access, suspend, or terminate ALTERSTAFF Services or change content at any time without notice.

f. ALTERSTAFF may, but is not obligated to, mediate user disputes. ALTERSTAFF is not liable for interactions with other users or offensive material accessible through the services. ALTERSTAFF may take action against inappropriate user behavior linked to your account.

g. ALTERSTAFF is not responsible for the conduct of other users or third parties, including content on third-party websites or services linked through ALTERSTAFF Services.

3. User Contributions

a. ALTERSTAFF Services may offer various platforms such as websites, forums, communities, networks, or other interactive features, enabling you to post, submit, publish, display, or transmit content or materials ("User Contributions"). This includes, but is not limited to, texts, forum posts, chat messages, profiles, widgets, links, feedback, emails, music, sounds, graphics, pictures, videos, codes, and audiovisual materials. While ALTERSTAFF has no obligation to monitor these User Contributions, we reserve the right to oversee, filter, moderate, edit, or remove any content deemed objectionable or inappropriate at any time, without prior notice. ALTERSTAFF may also terminate or suspend your access to any User Contributions at any time, without prior notice.

b. User Contributions must not be illegal, fraudulent, deceptive, obscene, threatening, defamatory, privacy-invasive, rights-infringing, harmful, or otherwise inappropriate. You bear full responsibility for your behavior within ALTERSTAFF Services, including your posted User Contributions. ALTERSTAFF is not liable for any User Contributions posted by you and does not endorse or control them.

c. Be aware that when using ALTERSTAFF Services, there is no expectation of privacy for your User Contributions, and ALTERSTAFF may disclose them without prior notice.

d. User Contributions posted by you are considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. You grant ALTERSTAFF a global, royalty-free, perpetual, transferable, sublicensable, and unlimited license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, translate, create derivative works, distribute, or otherwise utilize such Contributions in all media and formats. You are not entitled to compensation related to these Contributions, and ALTERSTAFF is not obligated to use them. Other Users have the right to use, modify, and distribute your User Contributions within the ALTERSTAFF Service without notice, attribution, or compensation to you. You waive any "moral rights" or similar laws in this regard, as allowed by law.

e. You represent and warrant that your User Contributions are accurate, non-fraudulent, and do not violate any rights of ALTERSTAFF or third parties. Be aware that your Contributions may be copied and discussed by other Users within or outside of ALTERSTAFF Services. Posting unauthorized Contributions can subject you to liability. ALTERSTAFF assumes no responsibility for content posted by you or third parties.

f. ALTERSTAFF cannot guarantee you will not encounter offensive or inappropriate content and accepts no liability for failing to remove such content. You may file complaints through our support service.

4. Use of Account by Minors

a. This section's applicability is governed by the laws, regulations, and policies related to the protection of minors in your country or region.

b. To create an Account with ALTERSTAFF Services, you must meet the minimum age requirement for consenting to Personal Data collection as per your jurisdiction's laws, and be considered an adult in your country of residence.

c. You must be of legal age of majority in your country of residence to enter this Agreement. By accepting, you confirm that you are of legal age and are legally and financially responsible for all activities conducted through ALTERSTAFF Services, authorized or not.

d. Minors, defined as individuals under the legal age of majority in their country, are not permitted to enter this Agreement independently. A parent or legal guardian must review and accept this Agreement on their behalf. Subject to applicable laws regarding minors, a parent or legal guardian may allow a minor to use their Account. However, they must acknowledge and accept full legal and financial responsibility for all activities conducted through the Account by the minor.

5. Ownership/Intellectual Property

a. ALTERSTAFF retains all rights, titles, and interests, including intellectual property rights and other related rights, in ALTERSTAFF Services. Your use of ALTERSTAFF Services grants no ownership or other rights in any aspects of the service, including in-game rewards, achievements, characters, Virtual Currency, levels, or other content. ALTERSTAFF may at any time, without notice, alter or cease availability of any character data, game progress, customization, or other data related to your use of the Services.

b. ALTERSTAFF Services, encompassing all materials, content, software, code, documentation, and other elements, are protected by applicable laws, including copyright and international treaties. Unauthorized use of any part of ALTERSTAFF Services is prohibited and could lead to severe legal consequences.

c. You may not modify, copy, distribute, frame, reproduce, republish, download, display, post, transmit, or sell any part of ALTERSTAFF Services without explicit written permission from ALTERSTAFF. Unauthorized use, including creating derivative works, is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.

d. ALTERSTAFF remains the sole owner of all rights, titles, and interests in ALTERSTAFF Services. Your use of the Services does not confer any rights or interests, except as explicitly granted in this Agreement.

6. User Content

a. "User Content" encompasses all forms of feedback, suggestions, comments, ideas, and other information you provide, publish, or communicate directly or indirectly to ALTERSTAFF or our agents about the ALTERSTAFF Services. This includes but is not limited to software, code, and other contributions. By submitting User Content, you irrevocably grant ALTERSTAFF a global, perpetual, royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable, and unlimited license to use, modify, distribute, publish, display, and create derivative works from your User Content for any purpose. You confirm that your User Content will not violate any intellectual property, privacy, or other rights. Participation in beta versions of games or similar activities is governed by specific agreements, and you agree to abide by the rules of such access, including any limitations on gameplay and user access, and acknowledge our right to modify or delete user game data.

b. If applicable laws, such as moral rights, do not allow for the licensing or transfer of certain rights in your User Content, you hereby waive and agree not to assert these rights, or any claims for compensation from ALTERSTAFF.

7. In-Game Currency and Goods

a. ALTERSTAFF Services may provide opportunities to acquire virtual, in-game currency ("Virtual Currency") or digital items ("Virtual Goods") through a limited license, either by purchase or other means. You understand that acquiring Virtual Currency or Virtual Goods grants you rights under the License (defined in Section 2) but acknowledges that they hold no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for real money or items of value. They are not intended for investment purposes.

b. Despite any external references to buying or selling Virtual Currency or Virtual Goods, these are licensed, not sold, to you under this Agreement. If you comply with this Agreement, ALTERSTAFF grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicensable right to use the Virtual Currency and Virtual Goods in connection with the ALTERSTAFF Services. Any usage of Virtual Currency or Virtual Goods outside the scope of this Agreement may result in Account termination. All rights, title, and interest in Virtual Currency and Virtual Goods, not expressly granted, are reserved by ALTERSTAFF.

c. ALTERSTAFF reserves the right to manage, modify, or eliminate Virtual Currency and Virtual Goods at its discretion. You acknowledge ALTERSTAFF's authority to impact the perceived value or pricing of Virtual Currency or Virtual Goods at any time, subject to applicable laws.

d. When you submit payment information to ALTERSTAFF or its authorized processor, you confirm your authorization to use the specified payment method and authorize ALTERSTAFF to charge it for the total transaction amount. Payments for Virtual Currency and Virtual Goods are non-refundable and non-transferable, except as required by law or our refund policy. You acknowledge that refunds for Virtual Currency are not typically available, except as required by law. For questions about refunds, contact our customer service. Should you have any inquiries regarding the refund policy, please reach out to our customer service team at support@alterstaff.io for assistance and further information.

e. You recognize that online game services are unique in nature, involving licensing digital features rather than physical goods, and that the purchase experience is derived from acquiring licenses within the game services.

f. For operating the artificial intelligence models of the Service, including but not limited to GPT 3.5 and Llama 2, upon your purchase of the Game, AlterStaff Inc. will initially assign you Tokens (the “Initial Tokens”). It is expected that the Tokens will facilitate a limited number of interactions with game NPCs, although actual game duration may fluctuate due to factors such as your gameplay, access, use of the Game, alterations in Token pricing, and Game Updates (as defined later). Should your Initial Tokens be depleted, you have the option to acquire Additional Tokens (“Additional Tokens”) at the prevailing price set solely by AlterStaff Inc.. We reserve the right to periodically grant complimentary Additional Tokens at its discretion, for promotional purposes or other reasons. Subject to the Statutory Obligations, a Token is of no external value, non-transferable to others, and cannot be returned, exchanged, or redeemed for cash, goods, services, or any value from AlterStaff Inc. or any third party. All forms of Token transfers, sales, gifts, or trades are unrecognized and prohibited by AlterStaff Inc. Any attempts to use, sell, or transfer Tokens in a manner contravening this Agreement may lead to revocation or cancellation of the Tokens and/or suspension or termination of Your Account and access to Services. By obtaining Tokens, you acknowledge and agree to their nature as a limited license for personal, private, non-commercial service use, affirming that Tokens are not property and do not confer any ownership rights. AlterStaff Inc. may modify Token pricing or bundle Tokens with other Services at any time without notice, and such changes do not entitle you to any pricing adjustments or refunds, except as governed by the Statutory Obligations.

8. Protection of Personal Information

All personal information collected from you is subject to the applicable local laws, and ALTERSTAFF is committed to protecting your information to the best of our abilities. Please be aware that we may update this Agreement periodically, and your continued use of ALTERSTAFF Services constitutes your acceptance of any new terms. In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, you have the right to request the modification or deletion of your personal information following our review process. For detailed information on how we collect, use, and protect your information, please refer to ALTERSTAFF's Privacy Policy.

9. Inappropriate User Behavior

a. ALTERSTAFF holds you responsible for your behavior and language and encourages healthy and civilized gameplay within ALTERSTAFF Games. We strictly prohibit any inappropriate or objectionable conduct, including impersonating our employees, spreading false information, vulgar content, illegal websites, spam, drug-related materials, or attacking, threatening, or insulting other users. The dissemination of malicious software such as plugins or viruses is also strictly prohibited.

b. Prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to:

   i. Using vulgar expressions, abusive behavior, or verbal harassment towards ALTERSTAFF or other users.

   ii. Employing unapproved payment methods.

   iii. Utilizing cheating programs or malicious software.

   iv. Sharing content that violates societal norms, religious beliefs, or public morality.

   v. Disclosing non-public information about ALTERSTAFF or other users to third parties.

   vi. Engaging in any other behavior that could damage the reputation of ALTERSTAFF.

c. While ALTERSTAFF reserves the right to mediate or resolve user disputes, we are not obligated to do so. Depending on the situation, we may take various actions, including warnings, communication blocks, account suspension or termination, login blocking, game file deletion, or other measures at our discretion. We retain the final right to interpret and act upon any inappropriate conduct.

d. Breaching this Agreement or engaging in behavior that violates the spirit of ALTERSTAFF Games or is deemed inappropriate or objectionable gives us the right to suspend your access to ALTERSTAFF Services, block or terminate your account, and/or terminate this Agreement immediately, all without prior notice.

10. Indemnification

a. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold ALTERSTAFF and its affiliates, employees, officers, directors, agents, and other representatives harmless from any claims, liabilities, losses, injuries, damages, costs, or expenses, including attorney fees and other expenses, arising from or related to:

   i. Your access to or use of ALTERSTAFF Services.

   ii. Any breach or alleged breach by you of the terms, conditions, obligations, representations, or warranties outlined in this Agreement.

   iii. Materials, User Contributions, User Content, or other information provided by you or on your behalf.

   iv. Any violation of applicable laws or infringement of third-party rights by you.

   v. Any illegal or inappropriate behavior engaged in by you.

11. Injunctive Relief

Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to ALTERSTAFF, you acknowledge and agree that in the case of any actual or threatened breach of this Agreement, ALTERSTAFF is entitled to seek injunctive or other equitable remedies, in addition to any other damages or remedies to which it may be entitled. As far as allowed by applicable laws, you irrevocably waive all rights to such injunctive or equitable relief and agree to pursue only monetary damages from ALTERSTAFF.

12. Limitation of Liability

a. You acknowledge that your use of ALTERSTAFF Services is at your own risk. ALTERSTAFF provides its Game(s) and Services on an "as is" and "as available" basis. To the maximum extent permitted by law, ALTERSTAFF disclaims all warranties, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, error-free, non-infringement, or fitness for a particular purpose, whether expressed or implied, and irrespective of whether arising from tort, contract, or other legal theories, even if ALTERSTAFF has been advised of potential liabilities.

b. ALTERSTAFF disclaims all warranties, conditions, duties, and representations, whether express, implied, oral, or written. We make no warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of ALTERSTAFF Services. ALTERSTAFF is not liable for:

   i. Errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies in the Services.

   ii. Personal injury, property damage, lost profits, data loss, or any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages resulting from the use of the Services.

   iii. Interruptions, suspensions, or termination of Services.

   iv. Bugs, viruses, or similar threats transmitted via third parties through our Services.

   v. Programs aimed to harm or unlawfully intercept personal information.

   vi. Damages arising from unexpected circumstances or beyond our reasonable control.

c. ALTERSTAFF will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive, special, or consequential damages, irrespective of how they arise, whether from breach of contract or tort, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

d. ALTERSTAFF is not responsible for content or functions of third-party sites you may access, including those linked through our websites. Your use of such third-party sites is governed by their respective service terms and privacy policies.

e. The maximum cumulative liability of ALTERSTAFF and its affiliates, officers, employees, directors, and consultants will not exceed the total amount you paid to ALTERSTAFF in the three months prior to the claim. These limitations apply even if any provided remedy fails to offer adequate compensation.

13. Limitation on Claims

In accordance with applicable laws and any relevant statutes of limitations, any claims related to this Agreement and/or ALTERSTAFF Services must be initiated within one year of becoming aware of the claim or one year after the cause of action arises, whichever comes first. Claims not filed within this timeframe will be permanently barred.

14. Modification

ALTERSTAFF reserves the right to amend, modify, or revise this Agreement at any time without prior notice. You agree to regularly review the Agreement for updates and changes. Continued use of ALTERSTAFF Services signifies your acceptance of the updated Agreement and any related policies.

If you do not agree with any part of the current version of this Agreement or related policies governing the use of ALTERSTAFF Services, your License under this Agreement will immediately terminate, and you must cease accessing ALTERSTAFF Services.

15. Non-waiver

Any failure or delay by ALTERSTAFF in exercising a right, power, or privilege under this Agreement does not constitute a waiver thereof. Furthermore, the partial or singular exercise of any right, power, or privilege does not preclude the exercise of any other rights, powers, or privileges.

16. Notice

ALTERSTAFF may issue notices to users via various means, including but not limited to in-game announcements, website notifications, official channels, tips, mobile messages, emails, or other contact methods provided by you. Any notice issued by ALTERSTAFF through these channels is considered delivered to you and binding. If you disagree with a notice, you must inform ALTERSTAFF in writing within 15 days of receipt. Failure to do so indicates your acceptance and agreement to the notice.

17. Termination

This Agreement may be terminated by ALTERSTAFF without prior notice if you fail to comply with any terms or conditions herein. You may also terminate this Agreement by deleting ALTERSTAFF Game(s) from all devices where installed and ceasing use of ALTERSTAFF Services. Upon termination, you must cease exercising any granted rights and destroy all copies of ALTERSTAFF Game(s) in your possession.

Despite termination or expiration, your obligations incurred before such termination/expiration remain in effect, as do any rights, interests, and authorizations granted to ALTERSTAFF.

18. Severability

a. If any part of this Agreement is determined to be void or unenforceable for any reason, you and ALTERSTAFF agree that the affected provision will be severed, and the remaining portions of the Agreement will continue in full force and effect, as if the severed provision had not been included. However, if the Class Action Waiver in Section 19(d) and Section 19A(c) is deemed invalid, unenforceable, or illegal, it will not be severable. In that case, the entire dispute resolution sections (Sections 19 and 19A) will become void and unenforceable, and any disputes will be resolved according to the venue and law selection clauses of this Agreement. Arbitration will not proceed on a class basis without the express written consent of ALTERSTAFF.

b. Except as specified above, if a competent court or arbitrator rules that any part of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this Agreement will continue to be valid and enforceable.

19. Governing Law & Dispute Resolution (Rest of World)

This section applies to all consumers and persons who have accepted this Agreement, except those residing in the United States of America.

a. Governing Law: This Agreement will be governed and interpreted according to the laws of Singapore, excluding its conflict of law principles.

b. Binding Individual Arbitration: You acknowledge that any disputes between you and ALTERSTAFF will be resolved through arbitration at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre ("SIAC"), following SIAC’s rules. The arbitration decision will be final and binding. If arbitration is not enforceable, such disputes shall be resolved in a court in Singapore. You waive objections to jurisdiction and venue in Singapore, whether in arbitration or court proceedings.

Notwithstanding this, each party retains the right to seek injunctive or equitable relief in a competent court to address intellectual property infringement, misappropriation, or violation. Both parties can also seek judicial action to address intentional or willful misuse of intellectual property.

c. Informal Resolution: Before initiating arbitration, you and ALTERSTAFF agree to attempt informal dispute resolution for at least thirty (30) days. This process starts upon receipt of a Written Notice of Dispute, detailing the dispute and the relief sought. Send this notice to support@alterstaff.io.

If the dispute cannot be resolved informally, it will be subject to binding arbitration as described in subsection (b) above.

d. Class Action Waiver: Both parties agree to bring claims only in their individual capacity and not as part of any class or representative proceeding. Arbitration shall not consolidate more than one person’s claims and shall not oversee any form of class or representative proceeding unless explicitly agreed in writing by both parties. If found unenforceable, the entire clause 19(d) is null and void.

19A. Dispute Resolution (United States of America)

This section is specifically for consumers and individuals residing in the United States of America. Please review carefully as it impacts your legal rights, including your ability to litigate in court.

Arbitration is a method of resolving disputes outside of court. By accepting this Agreement, which includes Binding Individual Arbitration and a Class Action Waiver, you agree to resolve any disputes with ALTERSTAFF through neutral arbitration, relinquishing the right to bring claims in court before a judge or jury, or to participate in court-filed class or representative actions.

You have the option to opt-out of this Dispute Resolution provision, preserving your right to court litigation.

For this Agreement, "Dispute" encompasses any disagreement, claim, or controversy between you and ALTERSTAFF regarding any aspect of your relationship with ALTERSTAFF, including those based on this Agreement or rooted in contract, law, regulation, tort (such as fraud, misrepresentation, or negligence), or other legal theories. This includes the validity and enforceability of this Dispute Resolution clause, except the enforceability of the Class Action Waiver.

a. Binding Individual Arbitration: If you reside in the USA, all Disputes, including their arbitrability, will be resolved exclusively by binding arbitration, not in court. This agreement includes a waiver of your right to a jury trial or judge-led court trial. Accepting this Agreement signifies that you might have limited rights compared to those in court, such as appeal rights and discovery rights.

Arbitration will be conducted by the American Arbitration Association ("AAA") under its Consumer Arbitration Rules ("AAA Rules") and governed by the laws of your state of residence. The arbitration will generally be confidential.

You or ALTERSTAFF can initiate arbitration in the federal judicial district where you reside.

Despite this arbitration agreement, both parties retain the right to seek court intervention for injunctive or equitable relief to address intellectual property infringements or violations. Both parties may also pursue legal action in a competent court for deliberate misuse or abuse of intellectual property rights.

b. Informal Resolution: You agree that in the event of any dispute, you and ALTERSTAFF will initially seek to resolve it informally for a minimum of thirty (30) calendar days before initiating arbitration proceedings. This informal resolution process starts once either party receives a Written Notice of Dispute from the other. This notice should contain the complainant's full name and contact information, a detailed description of the dispute, and the specific relief sought. Send the Written Notice of Dispute to ALTERSTAFF at 651 N. Broad St., Suite 308, Middletown, New Castle, DE 19709, USA. If the dispute cannot be resolved informally, it will proceed to binding arbitration as per subsection (a) of Section 19A.

c. Class Action Waiver: By agreeing to this provision, both you and ALTERSTAFF commit to bringing claims against each other only in your individual capacities, not as plaintiffs or class members in any class or representative legal proceedings. If a dispute between the parties goes to arbitration, the arbitrator is not permitted to consolidate more than one person's claims or preside over any form of collective or class proceeding (such as class actions, consolidated actions, or private attorney general actions), unless both ALTERSTAFF and you explicitly agree in writing after arbitration has commenced. This clause also stipulates that disputes about this waiver's interpretation, applicability, or enforceability are to be decided by a court, not an arbitrator. Should this specific provision be deemed unenforceable, then the entire Dispute Resolution Provision of Section 19A will be considered null and void.

d. Right to Waive: Any party against whom a claim is made may choose to waive the rights and limitations specified in this Dispute Resolution provision. However, such a waiver will not impact any other part of this Agreement, maintaining the integrity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

e. Exclusions from Arbitration/Right to Opt-out: Despite the preceding clauses, both you and ALTERSTAFF have the option to opt out of the arbitration procedures. If either party chooses to opt out, arbitration cannot be compelled by either party.

You have the right to opt out of arbitration and take disputes to court if (i) the dispute is eligible for small claims court, or (ii) you provide ALTERSTAFF with a written notice of your decision to opt out ("Arbitration Opt-Out Notice") within 30 days from the date you first consent to this Agreement. The Arbitration Opt-Out Notice should include your name, address, in-game username, the email address used for your in-game account, and a clear statement of your decision to opt out of arbitration with ALTERSTAFF. The notice should be mailed to ALTERSTAFF PTE. LTD. at 651 N. Broad St., Suite 308, Middletown, New Castle, DE 19709, United States. Failing to send an Arbitration Opt-Out Notice within the 30-day period means you are deemed to have knowingly and intentionally waived your right to litigate disputes in court, except as explicitly stated in clauses (i) and (ii) above.

f. Continuation: This Dispute Resolution provision will continue to apply even after the termination of your account, your access to or use of ALTERSTAFF Services, or the end of your relationship with ALTERSTAFF.

19B. Governing Law (United States of America)

This section is specifically for consumers and persons residing in the United States of America. It is important to understand the legal framework governing this Agreement.

For residents of the USA, both you and ALTERSTAFF agree that this Agreement, encompassing all disputes, controversies, differences, or claims arising from or related to the Agreement or ALTERSTAFF Services, will be governed and interpreted according to the laws of the United States of America, without regard to its conflict of law principles. This includes any matters concerning the validity, interpretation, performance, breach, or termination of the Agreement, as well as any non-contractual obligations related to it or the ALTERSTAFF Services.

20. No Assignment

You are not permitted to assign, transfer, charge, or sub-contract your rights or obligations under this Agreement, whether by legal means or otherwise, without ALTERSTAFF’s explicit prior written consent. Violation of this term may lead to ALTERSTAFF terminating its services to you without prior notice. Should the laws of your country of residence not enforce these restrictions on transfer, then this Agreement remains binding on you and any assignees. However, ALTERSTAFF retains the right to assign, transfer, charge, or sub-contract its rights or obligations under this Agreement at any time.

21. General

a. Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and ALTERSTAFF regarding its subject matter, superseding any prior agreements, whether written or oral.

b. Interpretation: The terms "include," "includes," and "including" are to be interpreted as inclusive and without limitation.

c. Definition of Affiliate: For the purposes of this Agreement, an "Affiliate" is defined as an entity that directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with ALTERSTAFF PTE. LTD.

d. Translation: ALTERSTAFF may provide translations of this Agreement. In case of discrepancies between the English version and other translations, the English version, subject to applicable laws, will prevail.

e. Force Majeure: ALTERSTAFF is not liable for delays or failures in performance resulting from acts beyond its reasonable control, including acts of government, force majeure, or external uncontrollable events.

f. Rights Reserved: ALTERSTAFF reserves the right, without prior notice or compensation, to suspend or deny access to its games and services, cease providing services, or modify any aspect of its services, at any time and for any reason.

g. Voluntary Agreement: You acknowledge that you are entering this Agreement voluntarily and expect no compensation beyond what is explicitly stated within.

h. Attachments: All attachments to this Agreement are integrated into and form part of the Agreement, accurately reflecting each party's rights and obligations as of the Effective Date.

i. Governing Law: In the event of any inconsistency between this Agreement and the local laws of your country of residence, the local laws will take precedence and govern.

22. Contact

For any inquiries or issues related to this Agreement, or for assistance with matters arising from or related to this Agreement, please reach out to us initially via email at support@alterstaff.io.

23. Supplemental Terms

Attachment: Additional Terms for Residents of the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK)

This section applies exclusively to consumers and individuals residing in the EU and UK.

Right of Withdrawal:

- You have the right to withdraw from the purchase of Virtual Currency or Virtual Goods within 14 days from the date of purchase, without providing a reason, by contacting our customer service at support@alterstaff.io.

- This right is forfeited once the content or service is fully delivered upon your request.

- If you request immediate delivery of purchased content, you agree that your right to withdraw expires as soon as the content becomes available.

- For services delivered immediately, the right to withdraw ends when the service is fully provided, and no refunds will be issued for services already rendered.

- In cases of valid withdrawal, we will refund all relevant payments within 14 days using the same payment method used for the original transaction.

A model form for withdrawal is available, but its use is not mandatory.


Last Updated: March 18 , 2024